We feature the best popular and trending comics, WEB comics,
nostalgic masterpieces and more with this service!※1

※1. Site access is dependant on location - the list of viewable content might also differ on location.

With a motion comic,
the author creates content right from home.
It’s a new form of manga that features movement, color,
sound effects, BGM, and voices,
and is yet still distinctive from anime!※2

※2.The motion comics are brought to you in video form, so enjoy with a healthy and high speed connection!

These comics are not only in Japanese,
but we support multiple language such as English!
We’re distributing Japanese manga through the world.

You can access ENSOKU’s comics in three ways.
There’s free motion comics,
and motion comics you can access by coupons or tickets.
Motion comics can be viewed on personal computers,
smart phones and tablets! ※3

Totally free-of-charge comics

Some videos can be watched
with coupons,
which come by logging
in once a day!

※You can have up to 5 coupons at once!
You can watch by paying
for 「tickets」!

※1 ticket is 27 yen! (tax included)
※3.Motion comics are broadcasted through steaming

You can purchase tickets in any of the following ways!

  • Credit Card
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